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‘I BEG TO DIFFER’ Debate Tournament Enters Quarterfinal Stage

The quarterfinals of the ‘I BEG TO DIFFER’ debate tournament kicked off with 14-year-old Praize Offormezie Onuchi of Newhall International School and 13-year-old Fabian Chigbundu of Cayley College competing for a chance at the semifinal.

Both contestants slugged it out on the topic, “With Limited Funds, A Government Should Prioritize Education Over Infrastructure”.

Praise Offormezie Onuchi, who supported the motion, said "education gives individuals problem-solving skills and these individuals will, in turn, solve the issue of limited funds in the country."

He added that having infrastructures without educated individuals to use and maintain these infrastructures will lead to the destruction of the said infrastructure.

For his part, Fabian Chigbundu, in opposition to the motion, insists the federal government should prioritise infrastructure as this will directly translate to investment and development.

He further stated that infrastructure cuts across light, water, and building and this all covers the basic necessities of life, hence the need to prioritise infrastructure over education.

Following a careful evaluation of the arguments and presentation style of both debaters, the judges declared Fabian Chigbundu the winner, placing him in the semifinal round.


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