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Did Chioma Overreact?

Chioma's boyfriend is a university lecturer with a lot of female students who always need his attention.

Despite her busy schedule, she often cooks for him. She sometimes takes the food to his university-provided apartment when he cannot come to hers to pick it up. She also sometimes met him with his female students, which already made her uncomfortable. 

On one occasion, he asked her to prepare food for him, which she did. As it has become his habit, he failed to pick up the food, so she put it in a food basket and took it to him. When she got to him, he was eating and laughing with his female students. She was livid. 

She emptied the food basket on his rug angrily, leaving afterwards with his girls watching. Since the incident, she hasn't heard from her boyfriend and is too angry to approach him. She wonders if she made a mistake.

On Daily Digest, Jimi and Maryann discussed the issue with both of them agreeing she overreacted and that her actions weren't necessary. Maryann is of the opinion that Chioma could have handled the scene better and not disrespected herself the way she did. 

Speaking from a woman's perspective, Maryann explained to Jimi how painful it is to take your time to prepare food for your man and he doesn't appreciate it. To Maryann, cooking, although stressful, is therapy for her, and she likes her partner to appreciate her efforts in preparing a meal for him.

Jimi and Maryann think Chioma could have done something else rather than emptying the food basket floor. According to them, she could have been less dramatic by walking up to them and placing the food on the table, making a snide remark so they see how upset she is. 

 According to Jimi, although dramatic, emptying the food basket on the rug is better than pouring the contents on her boyfriend's head or one of his girls.

On the other hand, Maryann thinks Chioma's boyfriend is disrespectful and doesn't love her as much. She also thinks Chioma is probably one of her boyfriend's side chicks as no man would treat his main girlfriend in a disrespectful manner. 

Jimi thinks Chioma lacks confidence but Maryann was quick to come to Chioma's defense, noting that it's only normal for ladies to feel insecure when their partner is constantly in the company of females. 

Jimi and Maryann agreed that being insecure isn't just a female thing as guys get insecure too. 

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