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IBTD:12-year-old Nnadi Secures Final Quarterfinal Spot

The 'I Beg To Differ' debate tournament on Nigeria Info’s Hard Facts, saw 12-year-old Emmanuella Nnadi qualifying for the final quarterfinal spot.

Nnadi squared up against 15-year-old Sarah Ojukwu to debate the topic: Virtual learning is better than in-person classes.

In her argument, Nnadi opposed the motion by insisting that in-person teaching enables teachers to understand the learning rate of students for a better impact of knowledge.

On her part, 15-year-old Sarah Ojukwu argued that virtual learning allows students to learn at their own pace, time and space. 

12-year-old Emmanuella Nnadi emerged as the winner of the final quarterfinal spot after considerations by the panel of judges.

The quarterfinals of the 'I Beg To Differ' debate tournament begins Monday, 15th November 2021 with show host Sandra Ezekwesili.




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