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2023: Are You For or Against Adoption Of Consensus Candidate?

The National Assembly has amended the Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill for the second time by concurring on consensus candidacy.

This mode confers few members of the party the power to select a candidate they deem fit to represent the party at an election, on behalf of other members of the party.

The argument for this method points out that it is a cheaper method that saves time and energy.

But political analyst, Itohan Iyalla disagrees.

In an interview on Monring Crossfire, Iyalla said those appointed to select this candidate on behalf of other members of the party may not be objective in their selection.

She added that going by “track record, the representation is that consensus has not favoured even the most eligible candidate within the political party”

Another caller shared his thought, saying the consensus option is not “democratic”. You can watch part of the conversation below.>>>



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