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The Legend of Spoons: Where Do They Go?

Ever wondered why you can't seem to find your spoons in the house when you need them? 

You are just ready to devour a good meal - your favourite probably - and you walk into the kitchen, but just can't seem to help yourself with a spoon.

You look again in the rack and all over the kitchen, even your bedroom, but all you find are forks, knives, and maybe chopsticks.

Where are the very many spoons you saw earlier in the morning when you went to get a mug for tea? You ask yourself in utter bewilderment.

This seeming mystery was the discourse on this edition of the Family Talk segment of Whaats Up Lagos with the Tekes.

Why do spoons keep getting missing in the house?

For one caller, this is exactly why his father engraves a mark on their spoons. Even this hasn't halted this never-ending "family treasure hunt" for spoons.

"I had to speak to one or two colleagues, friends and familiy members, and they told me it is the same with them," said a puzzled Collins.

Where do your spoons go?

Watch the video for more reactions and exciting spoon stories from callers.



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