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Bride Price:  A Tradition That Should Stay Or Go?

Bride price is a culturally accepted phenomenon in this part of Africa.

Most cultures consider the bride price to represent a husband's love for his wife, while in other cultures the bride price is for the wife's family, both nuclear and extended.

The bride price in Africa symbolizes a reward and an honour. Many marriages in some parts of   Africa are not recognized without the fulfilment of the bride price

Wemimo Adewuni, host of the table talk show, had an open mic session to answer the question, "should bride price be scrapped?"

In her view, the bride price phenomenon has caused some men to adopt the belief system of owning a woman since they paid the bride price of these women.  It is not uncommon for some men to feel they own women once the bride price has been paid and can treat them as they please.  

She also says some parents believe they need to get something in return for investing in their daughters. 

The first caller also tows that line of thought. It doesn't sit well with him for a parent to train their girl child and not collect the bride price at her marriage ceremony.

During the show, another caller says that implying ownership of a wife by paying bride price is not wrong. He argues that so long as the end goal is to protect and take care of the wife.

What do you think of bride price? to stay or to go? Let’s discuss




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