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Callers Lament Impact of Inflation on Their Lives

Nigerians are reacting to the rising prices of food and other commodities.

Nigeria's headline inflation skyrocketed in June, with many commodities costing almost twice the amount they did earlier in the year.

The high cost of diesel was a major cause of this and it has left the average Nigerian frustrated.

Some listeners on the Morning Crossfire called in to lament the impact of inflation on their lives.

With evident pain in his voice, Akunz was concerned for low-income families and how they struggle to eat due to the rise in food prices. 

According to him, N20,000 can barely get you anything in comparison to how things were a few years ago. 

He said being unable to provide for one's family as a man makes him look irresponsible and useless. 

The second caller who wished to remain anonymous said she would rather travel miles to get food items at cheaper prices.

Joy, the third caller, advised salary earners and those with children to purchase food items in bulk as it's more economical. 

She said the little "change" they get when they buy things in bulk could amount to a huge sum in the long run. 

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