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Nigeria Nears Completion of Passport Automation

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Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, revealed that the automation of the country's passport application process is nearly complete at about 99 percent.

The minister anticipates that the automated system will be fully operational within the next week.

Under this new system, Nigerians will only need to visit immigration centers for fingerprint biometrics, simplifying the passport application process. 

Tunji-Ojo emphasized that citizens can conveniently upload their passport photographs and required documents from the comfort of their homes, streamlining the pre-biometric phase.

To address concerns about potential errors, Tunji-Ojo mentioned a recent presentation where issues were identified, delaying the initial implementation. However, he assured that these problems have been addressed to ensure a smooth and error-free rollout.

The minister highlighted the government's commitment to balancing national security and convenience, emphasizing that the new system aims to enhance efficiency while maintaining stringent security measures.

Furthermore, Tunji-Ojo shared plans to install e-gate systems at international airports across the country by February 2024. This development is anticipated to expedite immigration processes for Nigerian travellers, as e-gates will automate entry procedures, minimizing the need for direct interaction with immigration officers.


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