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Air Peace v Emir of Kano Face-Off: What Is Right And Wrong?

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"The customer is always right", remember that old saying? It can be difficult to deal with sometimes, especially if you are on the other end of the table.

However, is the customer ever wrong? A seeming feud between the Emir of Kano and airline operators, Air Peace paints better the narrative.

The Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero, over the weekend, issued a 72 hour ultimate to the airline to apologize or face the consequences over alleged disrespect.

It all began when the Emir and his entourage had a connecting flight to Kano to catch up in Lagos from Banjul but were behind schedule due to a delay departing from Banjul to Lagos by same airline.

According to reports, the Emir and his entourage pleaded with the airline management to delay the flight takeoff as a respect for the Emir but the airline declined.

What can be made of this situation?

Speaking to Joyce Onyemuwa on the Sunny Side, one caller frowns at the Emir's call for an apology. 

"Is he God? Is he the only one in that flight? Is the alternative offered not enough?" He sternly inquired.

Another caller however, thinks differently. For her, the office of the Emir should in itself draw an apology in all honesty.

Watch video for more interesting perspectives.


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