Tithing: Do You Believe in It? 

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That good old commandment about giving to God by tithing is never far from controversy.

Based largely on religious ideology, it is seen as a way of showing appreciation to God. 

However, tithing is increasingly now being considered by many as a means to financial exploitation; a notion hot on the heels of comments made by Creflo Dollar. 

Talk about two sides to a coin. 

The American Pastor recently apologized publicly for misleading his congregation on the doctrine of the said subject.  

He has come under some serious flak for his comments. 

But the act of giving itself may not necessarily be worrying to any belief.

Giving to God or giving in the name of God then?

This was the sticking point on the Language and Interpretation segment of the Sunny Side with Joyce Onyemuwa. 

"Religion is like a one-sided coin that does not allow you to see the other side of it," a caller summated. 

He added, "Those people doing; it is not an acceptable way of doing things because the new testament does not support that."

For another caller, his life changed when he started seeing tithing differently. 

"You give to who you love so that giving to God is relationship defined, not a cultural practice."

Wise words?

What does it mean and how does it apply to tithing?

Joyce Onyemuwa makes sense of it all in the video.


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