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Israel-Gaza War: Over 120 Palestinians Killed in One Hour - Palestinian Negotiator

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A member of the Palestinian team in the Hamas-Israel Hostage-for-Prisoner Exchange, Dr. Ghazi Ahmed Hamad has revealed that about 120 Palestinians were killed  "in just one hour" after the Israel-Hamas ceasefire was called off.

Speaking on "Borderlines," a global news and politics show on Nigeria Info FM, he insisted that Israel waited for the ceasefire to expire in order to resume its fatal attacks on Palestinians.

"They did not wait until we have more negotiations and more talk and they started civilian and children everywhere in Gaza," he said.

He alleged that Israel's goal in Gaza is to kill more civilians and destroy more homes.

"We have about now, 15,000 people, some of them about 5,500 children killed and more than 4,000 women killed, and they destroy everything in Gaza."

"This means that Israel is not interested in peace, not interested in civility and is not interested in any kind of ceasefire."

Two State Solution

Dr Ghazi Ahmed Hamad noted that Hamas was willing to talk to anyone to broker a peaceful two-state solution "but not with the enemy."

Speaking on what he described as "the arrogance of the Americans," Dr. Hamad stated that "Israel does all its crimes here because of the support of the United States." 

"If the United States puts pressure on Israel to stop targeting civilians, they can do that," he added.

Hamad condemned America's statement on Israel having a right to defend its citizens and asked about the rights of Palestinians to defend themselves.

"What about the rights of the Palestinians? Do we have no right to defend ourselves? we have no rights to defend our women and children?"

He added that Americans were hypocrites who had failed to negotiate a peaceful settlement that would stop Israel from killing Palestinians and taking Palestinian land.



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