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Why I am Relocating Deborah’s Family –Apostle Chinyere

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The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), Chibuzor Chinyere says he decided to relocate Deborah Samuel’s family from Northern Nigeria to protect them from likely attacks.

Apostle Chinyere told Nigeria Info that he was touched by the suffering and trauma the family is going through and decided to relocate them to give them a fresh start.

He said the gesture will also enable her siblings to gain education after Deborah’s family said they would pull Deborah’s siblings out of school. 

“After the death of the daughter, the father said he is not going to send any of his children to school anymore. 

“I was touched and I understand why he said so; he is already scared of that environment because the youths have started attacking innocent people. 

“The people that murdered this girl were arrested by the police; so instead of the people to attack the police they are attacking innocent citizens, they are attacking churches that didn’t do anything. 

“So, they might likely come to attack the family, so I thought the best thing for me to do is to relocate the whole family to give them a fresh start.”

The General Overseer of OPM also attributed the religious attacks in the North to the illiteracy of youths in the area. 

He said the little attention being paid to the educational sector has bred illiteracy among youths and made them a tool in the hands of religious fanatics.

He called for a law mandating all government officials to send their children to only schools in Nigeria. 

He believes such a law will motivate those in authority to give the educational sector the needed attention. 

“The only way you can bring peace in the Northern area is to let us put enough budget into education. 

“Let us make a policy, if you must work as a government official you cannot send your children overseas to school. 

“Let it be a policy and let it come into law, if you don’t want it then you resign. You will see what will happen in our educational sector.

“Those 34 lawyers that you see that went to defend the killers of Deborah Samuel, they will never allow their children to go and attack anybody. 

“They will never go themselves instead they will push those amajiris that did not go to school to do it, so everything comes down to education. 

“If those youths are educated all these things will be prevented.”



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