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TRENDING: Nigerians Call for Arrest of Lady who Raised False Rape Alarm

7:15 am on Thursday, a lady identified as Toyosi put out a disturbing tweet that she was being kidnapped and raped. She also added an address of her location and a number to call.

About an hour later, Toyosi put out another tweet saying her distress tweet was false and also pleading with social media users to stop calling and threatening the number she dropped earlier. 


Shortly after, she made a video saying she is fine and at home.


Before then, Twitter users had not only called the number on Toyosi’s first tweet but had also reached out to the police. 




Many online users are now upset that Toyosi was clout chasing with sensitive issues like rape and kidnapping.





Even though the alarm was false, the police responded speedily, drawing praise from Twitter users.  




A man who identified as Toyosi’s brother posted a video on his Twitter page saying she is fine.



Some Twitter users want Toyosi to be arrested and punished for raising a false alarm.



@Idongesituduehe on her part wants Toyosi to be made a scapegoat for intending ‘’clout chasers’’.




On the other hand, a handle, @chydee believes clout chasing is one of the reasons emergency response numbers won’t work in Nigeria. 



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