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  • Special Reports Special Reports

    Find out what's going on in, around Lagos state, and Nigeria

  • FemiDlive FemiDlive

    FemiDlive...Its a show on the inspiring tales of Nigerian Politics. Hosted by Multi-award winning broadcast Journalist Femi D Amele @femidlive

  • The Comb The Comb

    Weekly podcast presented by Kim Chakanetsa aimed those who are curious about news and current affairs from the continent

  • Hard Facts Hard Facts

    A news and current affairs radio show that airs on Monday to Friday from 3-7pm

  • COVID-19 Heroes COVID-19 Heroes

    COVID-19 Heroes: These are those feeding the needy during the pandemic

  • DDTM Show Every Friday DDTM Show Every Friday

    DDTM captures interesting lifestyle issues

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