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Femi D engages you in a 4 hours conversation on current affairs and political discussions across Nigeria. With compelling insight from analysis of news stories and provide actualities of how the news happened.

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The Comb - BBC

  • Confronting colourism

    “I was trapped in my own skin”: The illegal trade which preys on prejudice. How skin colour discrimination is still exploited with harmful black market products. Ellen’s skin bleaching nightmare had a devastating impact on her - both physically and mentally. And the prejudice which drives many to take drastic measures hasn’t gone away. Mercy tells how her dark skinned daughter wants to look like Elsa, a white Disney princess. So why does she want her skin to be ‘peach’ not ‘black’? Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch:

  • Orphaned: Vasco’s story

    ‘I was scared of the night’: When Vasco's parents died in a car accident, his childhood was transformed into a struggle to survive. He started as a young child sleeping at his father's grave, but ended up in a spiral of gangland crime and violence on the streets. Why are more children in Zambia ending up on the streets? Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch:

  • Orphaned: Mutuna’s story

    ‘I would have been lost’: When Mutuna was orphaned at a young age, his extended family stepped in to help. Now as an adult, he sees more and more children begging on the streets, and wonders how their lives ended up differently Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think. #TheComb Get in touch:

  • Guest episode: On the Podium

    How a rower's victory became a symbol of hope in post-apartheid South Africa. Sizwe Ndlovu became the first black African to win an Olympic rowing gold. Sizwe says that day changed the rest of his life. This is a guest episode from the World Service show, On The Podium, which brings you the stories behind the medals, originally released on 30 June 2021. The second season of On the Podium begins 18 June 2022. Search for On The Podium wherever you found this podcast.

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